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SackLadAdded by SackLad

Welcome to the official Infiniminer Wiki.

Infiniminer is a block based game. It is actually the first block based game. Many Infiniminer fans will tell you this fact... Infiniminer is the inspiration for the game loved by many, Minecraft. You could say Infiniminer is Minecraft's Dad. 

Infiniminer-head wiki
Joshua ZuianiAdded by Joshua Zuiani

What You Can Expect To See On This Wiki: Edit

Gameplay,Block Information, Ores and Precious Minerals,Tool Information,and other Interesting Things.

Page Summary:Edit

Do you know some cool trick that no one else knows about the game or do you have knowledge of something we haven't written down on a page then help us by creating new pages for blocks or tools etc... Please no hacks! (Make sure all info is correct!)

Important News:Edit

Check out "The Infiniminer Wiki" by iamjojojojo here.Edit

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