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Welcome To The Infiniminer Wiki

"Infiniminer is a first-person competitive mining game that takes place in a procedurally generated block world allowing players to mine, build, and explore. Sound familiar? That's because Infiniminer is the game that started the "block genre" that everyone knows and loves!"[1 ] This wiki describes the "Infiniminer" game in high detail and every aspect of the game is explained in an easy to understand fashion but also provides detailed information. This Wikia was founded by Joshua Zuiani , also CleeCody has done quite alot to assist the Wikia in the past but now I (EB8699 ) have been given admin rights I will be here to help you in any questions you may have, I will also be here to maintain this wiki.

Get The Game

Don't just read about the game, experience this awesome game and join your friends! You can get the game for yourself here . Once you've downloaded the game read our wiki article on our Tutorials page.


Our wiki's current administrator is EB8699 , contact him if you have any questoins. 

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Current administrative updates.

  • We are currently in the process of updating our pages and home page.
  • There will soon be guidelines and procedures for our wiki soon.

Wiki Leaderboard

Thanks for scrolling this far! If you are interested in being a member of our community we encourage you to go for gold! Make productive publishes and pages that will help us document "Infiniminer". You can see your current ranking on our Leaderboard page. In are community we always incourage you to strive to be number one.

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