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Welcome to the official Infiniminer Wiki.

Infiniminer is a block based game. It is actually the first block based game. Many Infiniminer fans will tell you this fact... Infiniminer is the inspiration for the game loved by many, Minecraft. You could say Infiniminer is Minecraft's Dad. 

This Wikia was founded by Joshua Zuiani, also CleeCody has done quite alot to assist the Wikia in the past but now I have been given admin rights I will be here to help you in any questions you may have, I will also be here to maintain this Wikia ;) EB8699 (talk)

What You Can Expect To See On This Wiki: Edit

Gameplay, Block InformationClasses, all kinds of crazy stuff, you can even find a page on the Clouds themselves!

Where to start:Edit

To get around it is suggested that you use the bar at the top and go through the 'Popular Pages' tab, the Blocks page is also a great place to start.

Important News:Edit

  • There is a mirror Wikia that isn't being devolped at the time of writing, it was made by a editor that was here but grew tired of not having a active admin so he made his own, it may or may not contain content that is differant to this Wikia. "The Infiniminer Wiki" by CleeCody
  • This page will be cleaned up further at a later date, for now there are serveral dozen pages that may need more attention than this.

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